Whats happening?
I don't even know which way is up man! I been locked in a room with a set of bongos and a geetar playa for the last like two weeks trippin balls on some acid he scored from a mate in amsterdam, we had a hell of a time. Hey rudi you showed up for a bit! You were with the singin dolfins and the humping penguins! They were some cool birds.

Whats been happenein with you beetechs? I miss anymore parties? Any on soon?

Hey Hey
i am the great Spider Dijon! i love to drum i love to make love and i love to drink tequila! me and rudi have been playing together for years and i play with carlos a bit too. but don't tell rudi, he will get his purple knickers all twisted and won't talk to me.

i flew into this rainy country called England the other day, one of the roadies from the last santana tour said i could have his couch, and his wife ;) waaayheey, i don't remember bein here before, i think the last time i took a big hit of acid in the airport bathrooms and woke up in paris a week later!

i'm gona go a drink some tequila with this lovely woman now, we'll make some love and i'll be back around later.


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